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Advantages of an C-Corporation

  • Limited Liability Protection: Only the Corporation is liable for the debts and liabilities incurred by the business.
  • No State or US residency requirement: There are no citizenship or residence requirements for ownership of an LLC.
  • Tax Advantages: You can decide whether it's better to file your taxes as a "disregarded entity" or to get corporate treatment. C Corps also have lower tax rates than S Corporations.
  • Flexible Profit Distribution: They can have several different classes of shares which facilitate more intricate ownership models of voting and nonvoting shareholders.
  • Growth Potential: Profit Corporations have unlimited growth potential and can eventually Go Public.
  • Income Splitting: Also referred to as profit and loss splitting, the corporation can split the profits and losses between the business and the owners, ultimately leading to reduced tax rates.
  • Free Transferability of Shares: A share of corporate stock provides both economic and management rights. A shareholder can freely sell those shares and the buyer will become the shareholder with all of those rights.

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What is an Corporation and why would you need one?

Corporations are the most traditional types of companies and have long standing credibility before the courts. Corporations are legal entities that exist on its own, and have the ability to provide services, sell goods, generate profits and losses. As such, Corporations bear its own fiscal and legal responsibility separate from its owners, and shield owners from direct liability from company actions, thus providing limited liability.

Corporations must have Shareholders known as the owners, Directors who decide and authorize the actions of the corporation, and officers such as the President who run the day to day operations of the Company. If this seems too complicated, rest at ease knowing that one person can take on all the roles. In fact, in very small S Corporations, the owner/shareholder, serves as the sole director, and also president of the company.

Unlike S Corporations (Info: S Corporation may only have up to 100 owner/shareholders), Corporations may have an unlimited number of owners.

Corporations do not enjoy the benefit of pass though taxation and are taxed at the corporate level, and taxed again when the profits are distributed to its shareholders. Corporations have the unique advantage of unlimited growth, offering an initial public offering (IPO) and become a publicly traded company.

Corporations do not have a residency requirement and may be owned by foreign alien/national.

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